Touch The Mic Studios

Price for recording sessions:

  • $40 per hour for recording sessions
  • $$50 per hour for mixing
  • $75 per song for mastering
  • Music tracks varies in price

Music programs that are used studio are, Pro Tools, Cuebase, Nuendo, and Reason. Also, have the capability to record 16 tracks simultaneously.

Four different styles of music that were produced, mixed and mastered by Ajaay

Fantasy Remix 2


I Owe It All to You (feat. Temika McClellan)


Dr. Dre Vibe


Musical Interlude (feat. Nate Jones)



AJaay was gifted to arrange and compose Gospel music at the age of 12. He started out as a Drummer while attending Juilliard Richman High School, and worked as a Music Director for many choirs. Read More>>

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